Quotables – Feb. 17, 2020

“I also want to contribute socially by working with the people of Guam.”   — Takao Yasuda, founding chairman/supreme advisor Pan Pacific International Holdings Group, chairman, president and CEO of Pan Pacific Strategy...

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Quotables – Feb 3, 2020

“That, to me, is positive news. To maintain 0% is great — and it could even be a positive 1% growth — especially since throughout the year, many developments happen that could negatively impact our economy.” — Maria Claret...

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Quotable – Jan 20, 2020

“In 2005 … the 36th Wing was stood up. … Miss Joyce was the first member … and welcomed that team and started getting things happening very quickly. … I have no doubt from the commander that his first day looked just like mine....

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Quotables – Jan 06, 2020

“I worked hard to move up in the company and I learned early on, that whatever job you have, whether it’s an entry level, supervisory or management level, you have to be willing to do the hard work.

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Quotables – Dec 23, 2019

“This is viewed as an immediate, albeit temporary, remedy. The required cost to agencies for staffing the [One Stop Center] may provide an incentive for those agencies to seek a better applicant processing system. The [One Stop...

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