Meal-prep service caters to Paleo eaters

Meal-prep service caters to Paleo eaters


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Faithful followers of the Paleolithic diet, more commonly known as Paleo, were rewarded on May 23 with the opening of Boka Box, a prepared meal service and café true to the eating regimen that has grown in popularity with the CrossFit and general fitness trend.

Boka Box operates in collaboration with Synergy Studios, which opened its offshoot business, Synergy Wellness Center, next door to Boka Box in the Paul M. Calvo building in Hagåtña, on May 27.

The name for Boka Box came from the origins of CrossFit, which started out in a garage, or “box,” and the Chamorro word “boka,” which means “eat.”

Jesse Rosario, the owner of the family-run café and coach of CrossFit Jumpstart classes through Synergy, has been teaching fitness and nutrition for the last 15 years. His mission in opening a café like Boka Box, he said, is to help busy people on Guam have access to healthy, convenient meals daily. Rosario said he feels that Guam is ready for a venture like this.

The meal service prepares five meals a day — breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks to eat between meals — for its subscribers from Monday through Friday. The café is open for daily walk-in customers as well. Hours are from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“The focus is to get people to eat consistently every two hours. The more consistently you eat, the faster your metabolism works. We’re trying to help people have a consistent eating pattern, plus make food that is good for them,” Rosario said.

All of the meals come in small brown boxes. They are made for people who are too busy to make healthy food for themselves or their kids.

Paleo-based meals do not have any dairy, grains, legumes, beans, processed oils, sugar or salt and focus solely on vegetables, fruits, nuts and meats. Rosario said the business is working with Pay-Less Supermarkets and local farms to get the ingredients they need.

“We want people to eat real food and show them it’s not just about eating salads and drinking shakes,” he said.

Once schools starts, The Boka Box will be providing meals for children as well. Mbj

Boka Box4

Jesse Rosario, a fitness and nutrition coach of 15 years, opened Boka Box, a Paleo café and prepared meal service, on May 23.

Photo by Jessica Rohr

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