Dr. Walter Chris Perez

Dr. Walter Chris Perez

Sept. 2, 1952 – Nov. 14, 2015Dr. Walter Chris Perez was laid to rest on Nov. 27. He passed away on Nov. 14, aged 63.

Perez was the president and CEO of The Doctors’ Clinic, which incorporated in 1994 and was formerly known as the Family Medical Clinic. He was a family practitioner at the clinic, which provides medical care to Guam and the region and is a multi-specialty group.

Perez also served the wider medical community and its stakeholders as a board member of such organizations as the Guam Board of Medical Examiners, the Guam Heart Association and the Guam Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees, as well as consulting to the Department of Health.

He rose to be the state surgeon with the Guam National Guard, holding the rank of colonel and was frequently deployed.

Perez was a member of the University of Guam’s board of regents, appointed in 2006. He chaired the board of regents from 2012 to 2014. He was recognized in September 2014 for his achievements by the board in a resolution after his service as chairperson for among other accolades having “contributed significantly to university’s growth and development” in a variety of ways, which included his position as clinical associate at the University of Guam School of Nursing.

Perez personally supported a number of community organizations, having served on numerous boards including the American Cancer Society, the Boy Scouts of America Chamorro District, the Guam Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the U.S. Navy League of Guam Council.

He held a 1974 bachelor’s of arts in biology from St. Louis University in St. Louis, Mo., and a 1978 medical degree from the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine.

Dr. Vincent A. Duenas, internal medicine specialist at The Doctors’ Clinic knew Perez at a variety of stages of life.

He said, “I was privileged to know Dr. Perez over 45 years. We knew each other in our journey together in high school, college and medical school.

“I found Dr. Perez to be different in that he was a very balanced individual. He knew how to balance his zeal for success and love for others, balance ambition and humility and balance his desire for success and the cost it would take to reach his goal.

“Dr. Perez was my brother-in-Christ. He was a very disciplined individual. He was disciplined in his study habits, in his prayer life, in his worship of his Lord, in his ability to teach as well as in his sharing of our Lord to others.

“Dr. Perez was a devoted individual. He was devoted to his Lord, to his wife and family, to his church, to his patients, to his community and to his country.

“Dr. Perez was a daring individual. He was willing to step out in faith and establish a medical clinic when the odds were against him. He dared to dream of a son and daughter despite medical obstacles. He dared to join the Armed Services knowing he may be called to serve in the Middle East war.

“He strived for excellence in all that he did, and he soared like an eagle.”

The late wife of Perez, Dr. Debra Ericson, secretary and practitioner of The Doctors’ Clinic, passed away in August. The two are survived by their children, Kallen Marie and Matthew Gregory, and grandson, Nola Christopher. MBJ


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