Palau Pacific Resort to target higher end customers with water bungalows

Palau Pacific Resort to target higher end customers with water bungalows


Palau Correspondent

KOROR, Palau — Palau Pacific Resort will unveil new water bungalows this July, according to General Manager Naoyuki Maedani.

“This is the first water bungalow in Palau and Micronesia,” Naoyuki told the Journal.

Not only are these the first water bungalows in Palau, they are the first in Micronesia with the nearest similar experience being in the Maldives.

A total of five bungalows started being constructed in January and will be ready for guests on July 16. They will feature world-class resort amenities and views overlooking the pristine waters of the Koror lagoon and the sunset. The rooms also feature glass flooring in the living room and easy access to the ocean.

He said this new venture will cater to non-divers, family vacationers and those who want to experience the culture.

“We are targeting the higher end of the market, and building these water bungalows will attract a different tourism market to Palau.”

The water bungalows will cost $1,132 per night, and Naoyuki said they are already booked until August.

“I am sure with these water bungalows, Palau’s name will be lifted in the higher market,” he said.

In the future, he plans to build another hotel for Palau Pacific Resort that is also bungalow style with private swimming pools for each one. This project would also target the higher end of the market.

Naoyuki said Palau’s tourism market is growing and Palau Pacific Resort wants to take advantage of this growth by offering new products.

Water BungalowFive new water bungalows set to open at Palau Pacific Resort in July will cater to high-end tourists.

Renderings courtesy of Palau Pacific Resort

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