Focus – Issue 242

Mon, Aug 13th 2012

(From left) Reynald Del Carmen, vice president, Inland Builders Corp.; Patricia Bennett, head of school; Lillian Gill, student council president; Elyze M. Iriarte, partner, Carlsmith Ball LLP, and board member, all of St. John's School; and Michael Z. "Mike" Ysrael, project development, Tanota Partners.

(From left) R. Dan Murrell, senior vice president, Triple J Enterprises Inc., and board vice president; Cynthia "Cindy" Bell, teacher, both of St. John's School; and Tara Perez-Steffy, chief executive officer and general manager, PCR Environmental Inc.

(From left) Thomas "Tom" Perez, vice president of corporate development, Perez Concrete . . .

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