Focus – Issue 228

Mon, Jan 30th 2012

(From left) Robert S. Schneider, executive engineer, Oyo Corp. Pacific; Deborah Belanger, general manager, Belanger & Associates Inc.; John M. Dennett, program manager Pacific region, Agility Defense & Government Services; Lawrence Reisher, explosive safety officer; Andrew Manibusan, lead explosive safety specialist, both of U.S. Naval Base Guam; Jay S. Lewis, munitions and explosives of concern and unexploded ordnance technical representative, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Marianas; and C. Thomas Polevich, owner, APDI and APEC.

(From left) Thomas D. Perez, vice president for sales and marketing, Perez Brothers Inc.; Deborah Belanger, general manager, Belanger & Associates; and . . .

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