WASHINGTON – The Defense Department is committed to the realignment of U.S. forces in Japan according to the American Forces Press Service in a May 12 report posted on the Department of Defense website.

"We have longstanding agreements with the government of Japan including the 2006 Realignment Roadmap and the 28 May 2010 Joint Statement " the press service quoted Navy Cmdr. Leslie Hull Ryde as saying. "These agreements are good for the people of Okinawa Japan as a whole and the U.S.-Japan alliance."

The Pentagon’s statement came amid calls by U.S. senators Carl Levin John McCain and Jim Webb for DOD to re-examine military basing plans in East Asia saying the current plans unrealistic and expensive.

The agreements describe the linkage between the Futenma relocation the Marine move to Guam and land returns on Okinawa.

"The Futenma relocation plan will return land and facilities to the Okinawan people and move thousands of U.S. troops and their dependents out of the most densely populated southern part of the island to the less-populated north " Hull Ryde told the military press service. -See the May 23 issue of the Journal for full story.