Focus – Issue 205

Mon, Mar 14th 2011

(From left) Karen Gayle, TV content/product manager, GTA TeleGuam; Jeffrey Schweizer, general manager, Fiesta Resort Guam and hotelier vice chairman, GHRA board of directors; Joan H. Gill, psychiatrist, Veterans Clinic at U.S. Naval Hospital Guam; and Peter E. Gill, president, KwikSPACE Guam Inc., board member, GTA TeleGuam, and husband of Joan.

(From left) Noboru Izumi, general manager, STARTS Guam Golf Resort Inc which does business as STARTS Guam Resort Hotel and board of directors member; Craig Thompson, chief executive officer and president, MCV Broadband and board of directors member; Mary P. Torre, president, MARQ . . .

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