Focus – Issue 196

Mon, Nov 8th 2010

(From left) Yasunori Kawauchi, shareholder; Kevin H. Yamazaki, general manager and shareholder, both from Guam Metro Networks LLC which does business as; Shayne R. Lambert, country manager for Pacific Islands, Alcatel-Lucent and president, AFCEA Marianas; and Richard Yu, chief executive officer, iConnect.

(From left) Hidenobu "George" Takagi, president, Takagi & Associations Inc.; and Tomie Yoneyama, president / r egi onal director, RM Enterprises Inc. which does business as Flower House AYA.

(From left) First lady Joann G. Camacho; Mary L.G. Tighe, division merchandise manager for beauty, DFS Guam and board member, Guam Council . . .

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