Focus – Issue 190

Mon, Aug 16th 2010

(From left) Michael C. Cassidy, vice president and general manager, Cassidy's Associated Insurers Inc.; Donald G. Taitano, vice president, Assured Life & Property Inc.; and Ty Jacot, president, S.E.T.-Pacific, Inc.

(From left) Mark V. Pangilinan, president, M.V. P. Enterprises Inc.; William "Bill" Vivlamore, president, Frontier Supply Co.; Emmanuel R. "Manny" Cunanan, general manager, J&G Construction; and Michael Vivlamore, chief executive officer, Frontier Supply Co. and father of Bill.

(From left) Alan Lebria, vice president and treasurer; Cecilio "Silver" Raiukiulipiy, operations manager, both from Marianas Water Works Corp.; and Jim . . .

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