Environmental issues are constantly in the news. And in Micronesia we are (finally) stepping up recycling efforts – decades after similar efforts in elsewhere.

It’s practical and popular to recycle at your place of business and – as far as Guam and cans are concerned – at island schools.

I’m grateful to Pay-Less and Bank of Guam for their recent campaigns pointing out I can recycle material carriers too after years of reusing plastic. I now have a wonderful use for all those corporate ditty bags.

And I’m for long-life light bulbs in the laundry room but they won’t work aesthetically in a chandelier trust me.

Charming though the thought is to dress environmentally – do you see a whole lot of hemp clothing on our party circuits?

I confess I have yet to read Sen. Tina’s ‘bottle bill’ thoroughly though I will but it has to be practical and have support to work.

You’ve heard of blood diamonds; well there’s blood gold also. The production of one gold ring can create 20 tons of waste they say. So in Europe you can already buy ‘organic jewelry’ that has been ethically mined. I just hope it’s attractive. If it has the design appeal of a long-life light bulb only the truly committed will wear it.

Another longtime corporate executive hinted at a second career to come. Gary North who for decades was at Matson until his departure as senior vice president told attendees at Government House on March 14 "This is the first time I’m retiring "

As I write the Journal has agreed to interview yet another internationally famous fashion personality. The meetings are always rewarding because these individuals are at the top of their business sector. Though fashion has a reputation as being cutthroat we’ve found these folks charming and informative so there’s no shortage of hands that go up at assignment time. But then a single thought manifests itself on every face ‘What will I wear?’

Meantime congratulations to Louis Vuitton on the opening of its newest Hong Kong store (See Page 26.) It’s obviously needed. I can tell you the store in Tsim Sha Tsui had a line of clients waiting to get in last time I was in HK and now I understand why we have a mega store in Guam.

Hubert de Thoisy our regional manager for Louis told me that some LV stores have permanent queues all year long (hint – don’t go shopping in the Champs Elysees in Paris either if you are in a hurry). "They get replenished every hour and have more than 200 sales staff " Hubert said. It should happen to all our businesses.

Jackie Marati of Bank of Guam and I were comparing notes recently on which of our children were graduating from university and which of them were still ‘on the payroll.’

While there are multiple acronyms for stages of life and some for income there really isn’t one we thought of that accurately encompasses that particular stage of parenthood and its implications so here’s my suggestion – KIC – Kids in College.

During Easter weekend my husband Ken called Home Depot looking for a particular item and was put on hold for the Hardware Department. Imagine his surprise to be conference-called with another customer holding for the manager. Ken didn’t ask why she wanted to speak to Brian Lay. I’m not sure I could have resisted.

An Israeli company Conceptic has begun marketing and testing a restaurant product known as e-menu which allows clients to tap a screen to order food call for the check and even complain.

The e-menu can also offer games for adults and children.

Could it happen here? I joined some of my colleagues on March 21? for a feature photo shoot at Ruby Tuesday for Marine Drive magazine as well as a lunch meeting. It’s tough to do justice to dishes through pictures on a menu (or professional shots in a magazine for that matter – though MDM did a fine job). A virtual image could be one answer to a diner’s dilemma.

In our case we trusted the staff’s detailed suggestions. They were right.

The PacAir groundbreaking for the new cargo facility on March 22 on the Guam airport’s Tiyan land was an opportunity to enjoy the view from on high on a perfectly lovely late afternoon.

And I counted 22 VIP hardhats hanging on shovels for the ceremony. Is this a record?

I was behind a Toyota Celica heading north the other evening with ‘T Sgt’ on its rear plate. Good that the driver has it now. As I remember Guam’s Department of Rev & Tax is no longer issuing personalized plates. But if it does start again ranks will probably be at a premium as we enter the military buildup.

– Maureen N. Maratita is publisher of Glimpses Publications which comprise Marianas Business Journal Guam Business Marine Drive Beach Road and R&R Pacific.